Calypso Tassel - Earrings To Light Up The Party

Calypso Tassel - Earrings To Light Up The Party

After countless months of being stuck indoors, the Stella and Ruby team can't wait to see all your beautiful faces out and about this summer; but what to wear?

We'll be clearing out the closets to finally blow the dust off those party outfits, and what better to match them with than our Calypso Tassel Earrings

Statement Tassel Earrings

With elegant brass and vividly colored shoulder-teasing tassels, these fabulous statement earrings do well to compliment your most colorful spring and summer outfits.


8 Tassel Colors to choose from 

We at Stella and Ruby understand that, when it comes to fashion, most of us like to play favorites. To make sure that everyone and anyone can get their favorite, or if variety is the spice of your life, we have created a broad palette just for you. 


Calypso Earrings By Stella and Ruby

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