Floral Hoop Earrings and Abalone Styles Take Hamptons Fashion Week

Stella & Ruby - Hamptons Fashion Week

As we return to business as usual in our showroom, we at Stella & Ruby cannot help but find ourselves reflecting again and again on the exciting weekend we spent at the third annual Hamptons Fashion Week.

That this year has been difficult for all of us may go without saying, however we would be remiss if we didn't say that it has also given rise to some of the most successful styles to come out of our studio.

Being our own as well as the fashion show's first outing since lockdown, we were unsure, though optimistic of what to expect at this year's Hamptons Fashion Week. However, it did not take long for any worry to abate as a cornucopia of models, designers, and celebrities made appearances over the course of the weekend.

As we shared the floor with attendees ranging from social influencers to veritable fashion icons like Jay Manuel of America's Next Top Model and former CFDA president Stan Herman, we at Stella and Ruby are beside ourselves with joy, and would like to lend special thanks to DCG Media group for curating the event.

 Event Image

Award Winning Chiffon Earrings and Mother of Pearl Styles

Every production has its stars, and we at Stella & Ruby are proud to say that our new Abalone and Chiffon styles stole the show this weekend.

Our Flagship Lily Chiffon Earring was as popular as ever as its vibrantly colored and long yet ultra-lightweight design made it stand out as a proud but easy to wear statement earring.

Lily Seafoam earrings

The iconic Floral Chiffon Hoop, our gorgeous take on a classic design, drew attention as much for the variety of colors we have in availability for it as it did for the fact that it is a characterful, unique, and fun take on everyone's first love, the classic hoop earring. 

Chiffon Hoop earrings

Our Bella Chiffon Hoop, with it's thin brass wiring and floral dangle style offered a more delicate approach to the floral hoop earring for those fashionistas who were after a lighter touch. 

Bella Chiffon earrings

Finally, our showstoppers were, without a doubt, our new beautiful Mother of Pearl styles. Our Ava Drop Earring made its rounds with it alluring iridescent droplets and chic triple-drop style. The Aura Earring caught the most attention, however, as onlookers were entranced by the mesmerizing depth and satisfying geometry of its genuine Mother of pearl Inlay; we are proud to say it sold out completely!

Ava EarringAura Earring

On top of all this, we are honored to have participated in an event associated with the Ellen Hermanson Foundation, a breast cancer awareness and treatment fund dedicated to ensuring that all women have access to the treatment and detection systems they need to live breast cancer free.

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