Lily Chiffon Earring

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Lily Chiffon Earrings

Our best-selling Lily Chiffon Earrings are back in stock, and in perfect time for spring! 

Now our eponymous style, these lovely chiffon earrings have quite humble origins. Back in 2017, a burgeoning Stella and Ruby felt closer than ever before to the pulse of its customers. Still looking forward, our New York City team felt the momentum and sought the opportunity to innovate. But where does one look for inspiration?

Lily chifon Earring

That year's success of our Dynasty and Chiffon Hoop earrings lent some helpful clues, however it wasn't a piece of jewelry which gave rise to a new style, but rather an unassuming ribbon board. The bloom of delicate ribbons invoked cascading petals of chiffon, the featheriness of which allows for shoulder grazing styles with all the weight and elegance of a lily. Thus, the Lily Chiffon Earring was born! 

Lily Chiffon - Pink

Blue Lily Chiffon earrings


Colored Chiffon Earrings

Our mission at Stella and Ruby is to spread our magic all over the globe. We do this by designing jewelry that is characterful, fun, and speaks for itself. Our Lily Chiffon Earrings are exactly that. It comes in a variety of colors to for any day, mood, or event. The proud primary colors perform well as statement earrings or as part of an equally dazzling ensemble, the softer pastel hues provide a more subtle but no less charming approach, and the white with genuine freshwater pearl works excellently as a floral bridal earring.

Remember that these are just a few suggestions! We love nothing more than seeing the beautiful and original styles our customers create with our products. 


Whether you're dying to get your hands on a pair, or we've just piqued your interest, our Lily Chiffon earrings can be found along with all of our products at or on Nordstrom. On our website, simply search for the Lily Chiffon Earring or click the products tab to browse through our many other awesome styles! Enjoy!  

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