Spring Launch

Chandelier earrings, Statement earrings, Delicate necklaces, Flower Necklace

Flower Earrings, Delicate Necklaces, and More

Whether its flowers, longer daytimes, or simply liking that the air no longer freezes your ears off, spring can mean many different things to different people. Here at Stella and Ruby, spring means one additional thing: new styles! Spring may technically be more than two months away, but we’re sure that as soon as you see these new styles, you’ll be happy we’re playing fast and loose with the showroom calendar. Besides, why not get a head start on the warm weather with some brand new pieces? 

Flower earrings, Statement Earrings, Delicate Necklaces

We always find nature to be our biggest inspiration, as such, our spring launch features intricate floral patterns in delicate gold filigree. To start us off is our springtime take on a classic cuff bracelet. She goes by many names, but you can just call her Rosa. Easy to wear and hard to miss, the Rosa Cuff is lightweight and yet renders onto its wearer’s wrist a broad wreath of tiny gold flowers.

Moving on to the decolletage, we’re also proud to include our new Ella Link Necklace. Evoking fun while still being classy, Ella’s large gold links are delicately textured to gently catch the light at any angle.

This getup would be incomplete, of course, without our personal favorite touch, the statement earring. Because we love you so much, and because every hero needs a sidekick, we’ve created two options; the question is, which one is your hero? (trick question, you are!). If you just can’t get enough of the Rosa Cuff’s mesmerizing floral filigree, or if you’re not in the mood for sharp edges, you might opt for the Juliet Earring. If, however the delicately textured gold of the Ella Necklace draws your eye, then the thin gold Decorative Drop Earring is certainly for you. 

Whatever you choose to wear this spring, we know you’ll want us to be part of it, as all of these lovely pieces are guaranteed to add a charming flair to your outdoor brunch-time ensemble. Enjoy!

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