Terms of Service



This is the official website of Stella & Ruby. Any first person plural pronouns used on this online store refer to Stella & Ruby. 

We implore that any visitors of our online store refer to our Terms of Service, as well as our shipping and returns policy before proceeding to shop.

By visiting this website in any capacity, you are soliciting our services and are therefore subject to our Terms of Service. Violation of these terms may result in denial or cessation of Services, furthermore, we reserve the right to deny Service to anybody for any reason. 

Legitimacy and Timeliness of Information

This website is updated on a regular basis, however this does not make it a complete and accurate source of information. Any information gathered on this site is not necessarily accredited as timely or factual, and this does not represent a foremost source of information in any capacity. Any reliance on the information provided on this website alone is at your own risk.

The pricing and listings of our products are subject to change at any time, as are promotions.


Any illegal activity in your given jurisdiction during the solicitation of our Services is prohibited, including the intentional spread of malware or otherwise deleterious software, failure to comply to these terms will result in denial of Services.